Meet Our Newest Artisan - Agnes

As many of the WILD HOME team are either dog owners or dog lovers, we were so excited by the idea of developing a range of handmade, leather beaded dog collars. 

We had an image of the perfect collar in our mind: well made, secure, with careful stitching and of course stunning patterns created with beadwork. We talked to our artisans and put the word out. 

Nothing came back. We were starting to despair as we were keen to get a few online in time for Christmas. Everyone loves something new to wear on Christmas day and our dogs are no exception. 

Luckily, on one of our trips to the local markets in Nairobi, one of our WH team met Agnes. An incredibly creative lady who specialises in making beautiful belts. 

Agnes happily accepted the challenge of adapting her belt design to create dog collars - and they turned out to be even better than we could have imagined! Agnes and her small team are now in charge of creating all of our dog collars. We have sizes XS to L and with colours ranging from bright stripes to ocean blues and golds. 

...and the best thing? Agnes runs her business in order to pay for her children's school and university fees. She has two other ladies who work with her, who are single parents and hope for a stable income to also be able to provide for their families.  We hope that the sale of our collars will take off and become a good business for Agnes and her team. 

Please feel free to browse our range of collars. Like dogs' necks, each collar is unique and so sizes vary slightly. Our measurements give you the length from the buckle to the first and last hole of the collar. We advise you to carefully measure your dog's neck and choose a collar that gives you enough holes to tighten and loosen as you see fit. Any problems? Get in contact and we'll talk you through choosing the perfect collar for your dog.