Five Easy Ways To Embrace 'Hygge' In Your Home

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's hard not to notice the nights drawing in, the chillier mornings and the leaves beginning to turn into a myriad of colours. 

Unless you are planning a jaunt down to the tropics, the time is coming to pack away the flip flops and beach chairs (just for now!)  and look to ways to add layers to outerwear and find inspiration for creating cosy, welcoming inside spaces. 

Wild Home adding hygge to your home

Photograph by Matthew Henry

'Hygge' the Danish word for living well and enjoying life's simple pleasures really has begun to resonate well with me. For such a long time, I used to mourn the end of summer with the freedom it provides and dread the cold that winter would bring. By adapting my way of thinking to embrace the concept of Hygge, I have actually begun to thaw my heart out to the idea of the winter months! 

Here are 5 easy ways to bring joy to the colder season:

1. Start a new craft project

Wild Home baskets and yarn

Beginning a new hobby that involves playing with textures and colours will have you looking forward to the evenings and weekend afternoons. There's nothing quite as lovely as curling up next to the fire with a film, a mug of hot chocolate and your latest project. Knitting, crochet and felting are especially good as you can make useful items with the most beautiful wools and yarns. 

2. Decorate with candles or fairy lights

Wild Home Soapstone Tealight Holder

Soapstone Tea Light Candle Holder

Creating light in different ways is a sure way to banish any winter blues. Look for interesting string lights with holes that will create shapes and textures with the light.  Candles and tea lights are a winter essential and for those of you who are worried about naked flames, there are many battery alternatives to candles to choose from. 

3. Share a meal with family or friends

 Wood Spice Spoons

Leisurely meals with good food and good conversation are the perfect tonic to any dreary or cold days. You could try a 'pot luck' dinner - where guests bring a surprise addition to a course! 

4. Bake!

 Kula Salad Spoons

Nothing shouts cosy more than walking into a room enveloped with the smell of baking. Just imagining cake, fresh out of the oven, makes my mouth water! There's also something very therapeutic in the act of spending time in the kitchen, especially when you get to eat and enjoy the outcome!

5. Get Cosy

Joto Throw Blanket

Create stacks of blankets, throws and spare cosy slippers for your family and friends to use when they come round to see you, especially if your home is prone to chills. No one wants a shivering guest! There's nothing more rewarding, after a long walk in the frosty air, than being able to come back home, wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy hot tea and toast!

What other ways do you cheer yourself up during the cold months? Feel free to share your thoughts (you can always find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). 

Hannah x